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Saturday, 31 August 2013 - Reported by John Bowman
The CBBC fantasy drama Wolfblood returns to TV screens next month for a 13-part second series plus a spin-off programme.

The action show follows the lives of teenagers Maddy, played by Aimee Kelly, and Rhydian, portrayed by Bobby Lockwood, and their secret lives as wolfbloods.

Wolfbloods such as Maddy and Rhydian have razor-sharp senses with an amazing sense of smell and are incredibly fast and super-strong. They also change into wolves every full moon . . .

The intense trials and tribulations of school, friendships, heartbreak, and mystery continue in this second series, as Rhydian unexpectedly returns to Stoneybridge, putting Maddy and her family in danger.
In addition to the new episodes on CBBC, there will also be a "secret" 14th episode that will be shown on the CBBC Red Button and CBBC website, plus a new game that will also be on the CBBC website.

Spencer Campbell, the show's executive producer, said:
We had a great reaction to the first series and are looking forward to introducing some exciting new characters this time round. Series two is packed full of surprises. Maddy and Rhydian are still learning about who they are, whilst trying to avoid discovery, and I think they have grown up a lot. It may be complicated being a teenager, but it's even more difficult when you're a wolfblood teenager!
The 30-minute episodes, which co-star Louisa Connolly-Burnham as Shannon and Kedar Williams-Stirling as Tom, were filmed entirely on location in Northumberland. The show has been produced by Foz Allan, with the visual effects by Munich-based Trixter.

The programme was created by Debbie Moon and is a co-production between CBBC and ZDF/ZDFE.

Spin-off series Wolfblood Uncovered, which has been made by the BBC's Natural History Unit, follows Lockwood as he sets out to find out everything there is to know about wolves and to discover how their capabilities have inspired the wolfbloods of the show. It comprises ten 15-minute episodes.

The first episode of Wolfblood Uncovered, entitled Super Senses, will be shown on Saturday 7th September at 10.30am, with the second episode - Speed And Stamina - being shown the same day at 1.30pm.

Episode one of the new series of Wolfblood will air on Monday 9th September at 5pm, with the second episode being broadcast the next day at the same time. The "secret" episode will be on the CBBC Red Button between 5.35pm and 7.30pm on Monday 9th September, repeated the next day at 5.35pm and on Thursday 12th September at 12pm.

A trailer for the second series is available to watch:

A preview of the game - Leader Of The Pack - is also available: