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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 - Reported by John Bowman
Next Sunday's episode of Being Human guest-stars Ricky Grover as Bobby and Caitlin Richards as Hazel.

The Greater Good, written by John Jackson and directed by Daniel O'Hara, also features Ruari Mears as werewolf Tom and Feth Greenwood as werewolf Bobby.

Crumb has found his bloody way in the world with a new pal in tow. When Rook approaches Hal to get them under control, Hal is unable to refuse: he owes Rook a favour after all.

But that's not the only favour Rook asks: he wants them to look after Bobby, a werewolf who has been under Rook's care for a very long time.

The task falls to Tom and he has his work cut out reintroducing Bobby to a world he's long forgotten.

Damien Molony plays Hal, Michael Socha Tom, Steven Robertson Rook, and Colin Hoult Crumb.

Pictures from the episode - the fourth in this final series - were released by the BBC today:

A preview clip has also been released:

The Greater Good airs on BBC Three on Sunday 24th February at 10pm. Meanwhile, an online-only scene, penned by Sarah Dollard and entitled Alex's Unfinished Business, was also released today, showing an attempt to rekindle the romance between Alex and Hal: