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Saturday, 29 December 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
Television viewers in the United Kingdom will be able to see Primeval: New World from Tuesday 8th January.

The Canadian-produced spin-off from the ITV1 series Primeval is to air on the general entertainment satellite and cable channel Watch in the 9pm slot.

As with the original British series, it features a team of people dealing with predators that emerge from time anomalies, except the spin-off sees the action taking place in Vancouver. The show stars Niall Matter as visionary inventor Evan Cross heading up the Special Projects Group team that also comprises predator control expert Dylan Weir (Sara Canning), security specialist Mac Rendell (Danny Rahim), and physics prodigy Toby Nance (Crystal Lowe), operating out of a secret base called "The Tank", which is a repurposed lab at Cross's company, Cross Photonics.

Cross's oldest friend and business partner Angelika - or Ange - Finch (Miranda Frigon) keeps Cross Photonics afloat while the team track the dinosaurs that have come through the anomalies. The team are also helped in their task by Lieutenant Ken Leeds (Geoff Gustafson), who heads the government's decommissioned department for investigating alien life and other mysteries, including anomalies.

Andrew-Lee Potts crosses over from Primeval to guest-star as Connor Temple in the first episode of the 13-part series. The episode titles are as follows:
  • 1: The New World
  • 2: Sisiutl
  • 3: Fear Of Flying
  • 4: Angry Birds
  • 5: Undone
  • 6: Clean Up On Aisle Three
  • 7: Babes In The Woods
  • 8: Truth
  • 9: Breakthrough
  • 10: The Great Escape
  • 11: The Inquisition
  • 12: The Sound Of Thunder - Part One
  • 13: The Sound Of Thunder - Part Two
Talking about the spin-off, Matter said:
It's definitely darker than the original, but we have enough parallels to keep the existing fans of the show interested.
And of his character's working relationship with Weir he said:
There's a lot of humour between the two of them and the sexual tension is obvious in some parts. But they respect each other, because they've both had to save the other's life.
Watch can be seen on Sky 109 and Virgin Media 124.

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