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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
Models and props from Captain Scarlet, Blake's 7, and the latest series of Red Dwarf are to be auctioned next month in London.

Bonhams' Entertainment Memorabilia sale takes place on Wednesday 12th December at its Knightsbridge showroom, starting at midday, where the following will be available to bid for:

Lot No: 137 - A Captain Brown puppet from Captain Scarlet

Original, restored head with reproduction body and uniform, puppet approx 22in (56cm) high with statement from Terry Curtis regarding the restoration. The character was only in the first episode and in flashback in the second. It was then used for other characters in the series, including Major Reeves and Dr Conrad. The puppet also appeared as Dr Blakemore in the Joe 90 episode Operation McClaine and as Harry Sloane in Double Agent in the same series. In The Secret Service it portrayed several characters, including the spy George Grey and, with grey hair and moustache, General Brompton in the episode Hole In One. Provenance: This head is ex-lot 14, The Sylvia Anderson, Mary Turner and John Read Collection, Phillips, September 1995. Restorer Terry Curtis's statement details the work he undertook on the puppet head, including re-wigging with original mohair, repainting the head to its original colour, replacing missing teeth with a set moulded from the close-up Captain Blue head and using leather from Pittards in the uniform, as was the original leather. The eyes are original.

Estimate: £12,500-13,500, €16,000-17,000; $20,000-22,000
Lot No: 138 - Stardrive prop from Blake's 7

A prop stardrive device from the Blake's 7 episode Stardrive (series 4, episode 4), circa 1981, constructed mainly from metal and plastics, with internal wiring and carrying handle, 30 x 7½ x 5½ inches (76x19x14cm).

Estimate: £500-700, €630-880; $800-1,100
Lot No: 141 - Mothership from Red Dwarf X

A detailed model Mothership spaceship designed and made by William 'Bill' Pearson, constructed from plastic and metal. Featured in Red Dwarf X in 2012. Length - 24 inches (61cm). This model was originally built for a proposed science-fiction television series in the 1980s that was not commissioned. The model spaceship remained in Bill Pearson's workshop until this year and featured in episode 4, Entangled, as a space station.

Estimate: £500-700, €630-880; $800-1,100
Lot No: 142 - Annihilator from Red Dwarf X

A detailed model Annihilator fantasy spaceship designed and made by William 'Bill' Pearson. Constructed from plastic and metal, and featured in Red Dwarf X in 2012. Length - 22 inches (56cm). Originally made for a Red Dwarf Christmas special more than ten years ago but never used. It then remained in Bill Pearson's workshop until this year when it was called upon for Red Dwarf X and featured in episode 6, The Beginning. Only one model was made, which was duplicated in the episode using visual effects.

Estimate: £500-700, €630-880; $800-1,100

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