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Saturday, 17 November 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
Episode nine of Merlin will air at 8pm on Saturday 1st December on BBC One, it has been confirmed.

Merlin knows he must act fast before Morgana's twisted control over Gwen gets further out of hand. But only the most powerful magic can save the Queen and this will not be easy, even for Merlin. As the High Priestess tightens her grip on Camelot, one thing is clear - she will not give up her puppet without a fight.

Episode 10 is currently scheduled to be broadcast on BBC One at 8pm on Saturday 8th December and will feature guest stars Gary Lewis as Alator of the Catha and Sorcha Cusack as Finna.

Morgana leads a terrifying manhunt in pursuit of her old foe Alator of the Catha, for she knows without doubt that he can tell her exactly where to find Emrys. Merlin's life has never been in more danger, so when the mysterious Finna offers to help him, is he right to trust her or will he find himself cornered with nowhere to run?

Titles for both episodes are yet to be announced. Pictures from episode 8 - The Hollow Queen - which airs next Saturday will be released by the BBC this coming Tuesday.

UPDATE - 24TH NOVEMBER: Episode 9 will be called With All My Heart.