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Friday, 12 October 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
The new CBBC action adventure drama Wizard Vs Aliens is now scheduled to start during the week beginning Saturday 27th October with an adventure called Dawn Of The Nekross.

Two episodes will be shown each week in the 12-part series, which sees the alien Nekross bent on devouring all the magic on Earth and 16-year-old wizard Tom Clarke (Scott Haran), helped by his friend Benny Sherwood (Percelle Ascott), pictured right, standing in their way.

Also in the series - created by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford - are Annette Badland as Tom's grandmother Ursula Crowe, Michael Higgs as Tom's dad Michael Clarke, Jefferson Hall as Varg, Gwendoline Christie as Lexi, Brian Blessed as the Nekross King, Dan Starkey as Randal Moon, Manpreet Bambra as Katie Lord, Connor Scarlett as Quinn Christopher, and Brian Miller as Old Mark, with Don Gilet and Nina Sosanya making guest appearances as Benny's parents. The writers include Clayton Hickman, Joseph Lidster, and Gareth Roberts.

The ultimate battle of magic versus science is about to commence. The Nekross are a race of aliens who feed on magic, and having travelled from planet to planet draining every drop they're now orbiting Earth to do battle with its wizards for the last remaining magic in the universe. And there's just one 16-year-old boy who can stop them.

Tom is a wizard. His family are wizards on his mum's side. He lives with his unenchanted dad Michael and his very enchanted grandma Ursula. Their magical powers are a secret of the highest order - as is the entrance to the family Chamber of Mysteries, helpfully disguised as the downstairs loo.

A secret, that is, until a school trip goes horribly wrong and Tom is forced to reveal his magic to Benny, the school science geek. Benny doesn't believe in magic. Tom doesn't believe in aliens. They are both wrong! They soon realise that together they make the perfect team and learn to combine their skills in magic and science in each battle against the Nekross.

Tom and Benny become best friends as they fight side by side to protect Tom's family and all of Earth's magic, with Tom also learning about his magic, his family, and the secrets of the universe.

In the newly-released BBC video below, Davies, Haran, and Ascott talk about the series.

In part one, Tom Clarke is hiding a secret – he's a schoolboy wizard! But when the magic-eating alien Nekross arrive on Earth, a battle for survival begins. Tom must use his magical powers to protect his family – but only the school geek, Benny, can help him against the plans of the terrifying Nekross King.

In part two, with his gran trapped in outer space, Tom and Benny must dare to go inside the mystical Chamber to ask the mysterious Randal Moon for help. But with time running out for Ursula and Tom's dad joining the fight, can even a magical hobgoblin fight an enemy from beyond Earth?

The dates and times of broadcast for the two episodes are yet to be confirmed.

Wizards Vs Aliens
is produced by BBC Cymru Wales in association with FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) and was filmed at BBC's Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff. The show is executive-produced by Russell T Davies, Bethan Jones, Gina Cronk, and Sue Nott for the BBC and Bob Higgins and Sander Schwartz for FME. The producer is Brian Minchin and co-producer Phil Ford.

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