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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
Pictures from Grazlax Attacks - the second adventure in the new CBBC series Wizards vs Aliens - have been released by the BBC today.

The two-part adventure, written by Phil Ford, will air on Monday 5th November and Tuesday 6th November at 5.15pm.

In part one, Tom's quiet Saturday at Benny's house becomes a thrilling fight for their lives when the vicious alien Grazlax hunts them down. The two boys must learn to fight together, combining Tom's magic with Benny's science, or the Nekross's savage pet will succeed – and devour them.

In part two, the Grazlax is out of control. But Tom has used up all of his magic, and Benny's scientific genius is useless against a creature from beyond the stars. It's a race against time for both humans and Nekross as the Grazlax menace grows – but will stopping the rampage leave any survivors at all?

Episodes 5 and 6 - which together form the adventure Rebel Magic, written by Joseph Lidster - are scheduled to air on Monday 12th November and Tuesday 13th November, again at 5.15pm.

In part one, when Tom meets another wizard called Jackson Hawke he can't resist dabbling in dangerous magic. Benny tries to warn him, to no avail, but all three lads are unaware of the Nekross getting closer and closer – and this time, alien Prince Varg is determined to make it personal.

In part two, Tom and Jackson take the fight to the Nekross, but their forbidden Grim Magic is taking its toll on Tom. Only Benny can help his best friend – but he's been enchanted. Tom's dad Michael and gran Ursula fight to reach Tom in time, but dawn is rising, and the final confrontation is about to begin . . .

The series comprises 12 episodes.

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