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Saturday, 1 September 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
The BBC has released storyline details for the first four episodes of CBBC's new fantasy action drama Wolfblood.

The show stars Aimee Kelly as Maddy Smith and Bobby Lockwood as Rhydian Morris, pictured, who are both secretly part of a mysterious race known as wolfbloods.

Appearing in the 13-part series as Maddy's best friends Shannon and Tom are Louisa Connolly-Burnham and Kedar Williams-Stirling. Also in the show are Jonathan Raggett (Jimi - previously spelled "Jimmy" in BBC information) and Gabrielle Green (Katrina).

Trailers and a teaser are available to view on the programme's CBBC page. Please note, however, that because of licensing restrictions they might not play outside the UK.

The trailers state that the show will air on Mondays and Tuesdays at 5.15pm on the CBBC channel, with the page adding that the show starts on Monday 10th September.

Maddy and Rhydian meet for the first time. Maddy has been living in Stoneybridge for years with her wolfblood family. She's been taught to conceal her special abilities and keep her family's secret, even locking her parents in the cellar on the full moon.

Rhydian is a foster kid, and until he starts at Maddy's school has never met another wolfblood and thought he was the only one. He's wary of Maddy and she's fearful of him. Not realising that he has been fostered, she thinks his family are invading her territory. When she finds out the truth she tries to explain their heritage to him, but is still worried he will give them all away.

Maddy has kept her wolfblood secret from her best friends Tom and Shannon her whole life, which makes things difficult when Shannon becomes obsessed with the idea there is a beast on the moors, not realising it's likely to be Maddy's mum or dad!

Maddy's mum worries that Rhydian is growing up in care with no wolfblood support, and invites him round for dinner so they can tell him more about his heritage and how he can blend into human society. But the dinner doesn't quite go as she hoped - he is shocked to learn that they are locked up each full moon and thinks it's restrictive and unnatural. Not only that, Maddy learns for the first time that there are wolfbloods living in the wild who are dangerous, hating both humans and "tame wolfbloods".

Meanwhile, Shannon thinks she finally has proof of the "beast on the moors". She has a photo of a wolf and puts up posters of it all around the school. When her proof mysteriously goes missing Shannon is distraught and the laughing stock of the school so she goes on a mission to get a new photo. After her parents' revelation Maddy suddenly realises she is in terrible danger, as the wolf in the photo is a wild wolfblood.

Today is the school art exhibition and everyone has drawn pictures on the theme of family. Rhydian's is a picture of a lonely boy, with silhouettes of parents in the distant background. When the families arrive though, it's obvious that lots of kids have problems with their parents, including Tom's dad, who doesn't turn up, and Jimi's dad, who ignores his artwork.

Overnight, the exhibition is trashed, pictures are ripped, and Katrina's mum's jacket, which she brought in as her project, has been ruined - and she didn't know she'd borrowed it!) Jimi spreads rumours that it was Rhydian, so Maddy, Shannon, and Tom go on the hunt for the real vandal. Who has a grudge against Rhydian?

Maddy's first change is rapidly approaching, as are her exams, which isn't a great combination! Keeping her secret is becoming more and more difficult, especially when it causes her to break promises to her friends and be short-tempered with them.

Under extreme pressure in the first exam, the stress gets too much for Maddy and she starts to transform. Rhydian senses this and causes a distraction by breaking the fire alarm, which only makes the situation with Shannon and Tom even worse.