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Monday, 10 September 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
Storyline details for episodes 5 and 6 of CBBC's new fantasy action drama show Wolfblood have been released.

The 13-part series, starring Aimee Kelly as Maddy Smith and Bobby Lockwood as Rhydian Morris, begins today, airing on Mondays and Tuesdays at 5.15pm on the CBBC channel.

It's the full moon and Maddy is anxious about her first transformation but also bursting with the energy that a full moon brings. The school are on a day trip to the historic isle of Lindisfarne, but Maddy and Rhydian are feeling cramped in the ancient stony ruins and are not looking forward to spending the night in the den.

During the day Maddy and Rhydian have itchy feet and manage to ditch Tom and Shannon - much to Tom and Shannon's annoyance! Tom thinks that Maddy and Rhydian must be dating, and Shannon, post-fire, is convinced that Maddy is the beast. They decide the only way they are going to find out the truth is to stick to Maddy and Rhydian like glue.
Following Maddy's transformation, the wolf energy is still strong in her blood and she gets carried away in assembly watching the street dance club and joins in their routine. She is fantastic, which puts Kay's nose out of joint. Everyone now thinks Maddy is cool, especially Dean Samuels, the cutest boy in school. Rhydian tries to warn her that after the first transformation things can get a little crazy and that she almost transformed when she was on stage. Shannon noticed these changes as well . . .

Kay really fancies Dean, so the 3 Ks - Katrina, Kay, and Kara - invite Maddy to their party on Saturday night (something they would never normally do), hoping Dean's interest in Maddy will get him to come. Maddy is loving this new-found respect but Shannon points out that the 3 Ks are blatantly using her. Angered by this argument, Maddy heads home and gives herself a bad girl makeover. Will this all end in tears?