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Thursday, 27 September 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
Story details for episodes 11 and 12 of the CBBC series Wolfblood have been released by the BBC.

Rhydian starts dabbling with his Eolas powers in school and showing off to his friends. Maddy can't understand how he is doing it, as the tricks go far beyond his wolfblood senses and speed. He shares the secret with Maddy, who runs off joyously using her new skills without hearing the downside he shouts after her: you can't cross electrical fields while using it or it causes immense pain – something she finds out the hard way.

When Rhydian takes Maddy home her mum is furious at what she's been doing, but her dad is far more understanding and later Maddy finds him trying to access Eolas himself. Emma ends up forbidding a defiant Maddy from seeing Rhydian outside school, but when she storms off using her new powers once again she lands herself in trouble and needs her parents' help.
Once again it is the day of the full moon and Maddy and Rhydian aren't looking forward to a night in the den. They trick her parents and lock them in, running off to the woods to change under the full moon.

Meanwhile, Shannon has been trying to forget about the beast by throwing herself into other interests, but when handsome beast-hunter Kyle Weathers arrives in town looking for her she is soon back on side.

Out in the woods, Maddy and Rhydian are drawn by Kyle's bait and he shoots them with a tranquilliser gun, captures them, and plans to sell them. Shannon realises too late that Kyle isn't her soul mate, and she and Tom race after him to try to rescue the wolves.

Episode 11 of the 13-part fantasy action drama will air on Monday 15th October and episode 12 on Tuesday 16th October, with both instalments going out at 5.15pm.