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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
Doctor Who director Jonny Campbell is to take the helm of newly-commissioned BBC Three zombie drama In The Flesh.

The three-parter is the first TV commission for writer Dominic Mitchell, pictured, and has been developed by the BBC Drama Production team in Salford after they read entries for the BBC Writersroom contest Northern Voices.
In The Flesh is set in a small village in the north of England, post-zombie uprising, as rehabilitated zombies begin to be reintroduced back into society. Now known as PDS sufferers (Partially Deceased Syndrome), these former zombies have been caught, treated, and - armed with their flesh cover-up and special contact lenses - are now returning to their friends and families who previously thought them dead.

The hero is Kieren Walker, a 17-year-old who committed suicide four years ago when his best mate Rick died in Afghanistan. He didn't leave a note and is now returning to a village that always rejected him and a family who never got to say goodbye.

Across the three episodes, we follow Kieren as he struggles to cope with fitting back in, with the guilt of what he did in his untreated state, and the sudden reappearance of Rick, a fellow PDS sufferer. The boy that Kieren thought was dead is alive and the boy Rick thought was alive is dead. Can they be happy a second time round? Can Kieren finally make peace with both his past and his present? Can humans and PDS sufferers live side by side in this new, highly charged, and emotionally complicated world?
Each episode will be an hour long. The producer is Annie Harrison Baxter and casting is under way, with the show set to go into production this autumn.

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