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Monday, 18 June 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
PrimevalS5The third episode of Primeval Series 5 will be broadcast on ITV1 at 6pm on Saturday 30th June, with raptors as the featured creatures.

A regular anomaly alert turns sour when the team realise they've accidentally returned a raptor through to the wrong time. With the sense of responsibility weighing on their shoulders, Matt returns through the anomaly, asking Abby to find out what Connor's been up to in his lab. He thinks it's got something to do with whatever Philip's been planning. Abby is reluctant to betray Connor's trust but shares Matt's concerns about what Connor is up to.

Realising the raptor is responsible for a number of gruesome murders, Matt soon manages to track down the creature to a fruit warehouse. He's about to take it down when a mysterious cloaked figure distracts him and leads him straight into the path of a raptor attack. The hood falls . . . Emily is back. Just as they struggle to come to terms with seeing each other again, two dark strangers grab Emily from behind and drag her away, leaving Matt unconscious…

Meanwhile, back at the ARC, Abby knows she has to try to reconnect with Connor, as they've been spending too much time apart. However, a nasty encounter with April on her way to his lab makes her wonder if Matt is right – Connor is up to something in his lab that she isn't meant to know about. Before, she was completely against it, but now she's more convinced than ever that she needs to know the truth and hatches a plan to infiltrate Connor's lab…

Emily is attempting to escape from her captors, who are revealed to be her husband and a doctor from the Bethlem hospital - her absence and "strange" behaviour have led to her husband having her sectioned. Just as it seems that all is lost the raptor returns, attacking their coach, killing the doctor, and allowing Emily to escape back to Matt and the warehouse - but not before a passer-by notices the carnage and blames Emily for it. Mob mentality ensues as Matt and Emily become trapped in the warehouse with a raptor on the loose.

With the mob building in numbers outside, Matt and Emily struggle to get control of the raptor. Having found and stunned the creature, the only option is for Matt and Emily to take it back through the anomaly. Emily takes some persuading - Matt's time isn't where she belongs. But as he points out, here, they think she's a murderer. Just as it looks like she's made a decision, her husband reappears, brandishing a pistol. Distracting him, they make a quick escape through the anomaly with the raptor.

Abby is hiding out in Connor's lab, downloading his data to a portable hard drive. But little does she know that a suspicious April in stalking around, looking for her. Just in time, she manages to finish before April can stumble across her.

Returning to 2011, Emily has to think hard about her future – return home to 1868 as an accused murderer or stay out of time with Matt. But there's little time to argue as her husband bursts through the anomaly, shooting at the team. Eventually capturing and disarming him, it looks like he'll go back through the anomaly willingly, but he has other plans – grabbing Emily as he attempts to go through… Things look bleak until the raptor, freshly conscious, attacks and kills him. With nothing left to go back for, Emily decides to stay in the present.

Returning to the ARC, Abby and Connor are once again at odds – April has persuaded Connor that Abby is up to something and Connor can't help but wonder. Even news of Philip's involvement with Helen does nothing to persuade him that Abby is on his side. Feeling further apart than ever, Abby decides she has just one option and heads to Matt's lab to hand over the hard drive.

Meanwhile, working late in his lab, Connor has had a breakthrough that could change everything – and Philip is the first person he calls . . .

"Raptors" as a word was popularised by Jurassic Park and is slightly frowned upon by palaeontologists. It is a generic term to describe a group of agile dinosaur predators called the dromaeosaurids. This group were distinguished by their lightweight skeletons, long arms, and the lethal sickle-shaped claw on their second toe. Although as a group they evolved in the Jurassic period, they thrived throughout the Cretaceous.

NB: ITV1 has changed the start time of episode 2 this coming Saturday to 5.40pm.

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