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Monday, 9 July 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
The stakes are high and lives are lost as the dangerous world of anomalies comes to its climax and future predator hybrids are unleashed in the sixth and final episode of the fifth series of Primeval.

The team is at a loss. Connor has disappeared through Philip's anomaly and Matt thinks that his mission is over – Philip has won. Matt has a decision to make about what to do next – and jumps through the anomaly to save Connor.

He finds himself in a barren desert world, with Connor struggling in the immense heat and deadly sun's rays: a world we recognise from Matt's dreams. Worse still, coming towards them are a group of disgustingly mutated future predators, intent on causing some damage. They're facing a deadly attack with no defence, until an EMD shot rings out; Abby has followed them through the anomaly. Luckily, Matt seems to know his way around and the group head for a bunker, protection from the threat of the heat and the predators. Beginning to recover, Connor's guilt about his role in Philip's project is overwhelming. It takes a whispered promise from Abby to give him the impetus to carry on and get back to the ARC in one last attempt to save the world…

Back at New Dawn, Emily has been captured and questions Philip about what he's done, but they're distracted by the anomaly, which is rapidly increasing in size. The scientists are starting to abandon ship as the building begins to shake, but things are even worse at the ARC, where, although all the anomalies have closed, some kind of strange atmospheric changes are playing havoc with their comms.

Connor, Matt, and Abby make their way back to the anomaly, shocked by its now-enormous size. They arrive back through it to find an abandoned New Dawn. But Philip, shocked by the atmospheric changes taking place, watches from inside New Dawn as dark clouds gather and the Earth seems to be taking its revenge.

Connor gives Philip an impassioned speech about what they're seeing and about the effects his machine will have in the future. Philip knows there's only one thing he can do: attempt to shut down the machine alone. He knows this is suicide, but he has to do something to try to right his wrongs. New Dawn explodes under the pressure but, to the shock of the team, the anomaly still remains.

At the ARC, future predators have managed to infiltrate it via Connor's small man-made anomaly, which has reopened with Philip's machine. Jess and Lester are facing a losing battle as they run out of weapons and ammunition. As the team arrive back, they're faced with Jess cradling a mortally-injured Lester and they're thrown into a fight to save the ARC and bring down the future predators. Suddenly, Connor realises how they might be able to stop Philip's anomaly expanding, but they need to utilise his stable, man-made version to do so.

They face a race against time to get Connor's anomaly to New Dawn in time to stop it. However, for it to work Connor's anomaly needs to go into the big one. Matt knows this is his time and he tells the team he'll drive the anomaly into New Dawn's anomaly. Emily and Matt have a tearful goodbye as Matt drives into the anomaly. Will he make it back or is he gone forever?
This creature is obviously not based on any real animal but it is assumed that as long as the Earth's climate remains as seasonal as it is then mammals will continue to be the dominant group of animals. If that is so then rats and bats are by far the most common groups of mammals (accounting for three-quarters of all mammal species) and any large predator could well evolve from them.

The future predator was first encountered in the final episode of series one when the team first discovers that anomalies can open to the future as well as the past. Genetic tests reveal the predator is a type of wingless bat with lightning-fast reactions and the ability to stalk its prey using high-frequency sonar.

In this episode, the future predator, having evolved through thousands of years of catastrophic change in the Earth's environment, is one of the last species left. However. the atmosphere has taken its toll and the future predator is now a deformed, sickly, malnourished creature struggling to survive - but still as vicious as ever . . .

The episode is currently scheduled to go out on ITV1 on Saturday 21st July at 5.30pm but please note that the transmission time may change between now and then.

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