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Saturday, 15 December 2012 - Reported by John Bowman
The new series of Death In Paradise will start on BBC One on Tuesday 8th January, it has been confirmed.

The crime-drama-comedy stars Ben Miller as the quintessentially English and fish-out-of-water Detective Inspector Richard Poole solving murders on the Caribbean island of Saint-Marie, helped by his investigative team comprising Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey, played by Sara Martins, and police officers Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules) and Fidel Best (Gary Carr). Their boss is Commissioner Selwyn Patterson, played by Don Warrington.

As with series one, there will be eight episodes in the new run. The show is filmed on Guadeloupe, and episode one of the new series, which airs at 9pm, guest-stars James Cosmo as Roger Seymour, Tom Ward as Harry Seymour, Stephanie Beacham as Nicole Seymour, and Estella Daniels as Kim Neville.
Detective Inspector Poole is learning to cope with the tropical climate and laid-back atmosphere of Saint-Marie, but every day still presents a challenge for the traditional detective. When the owner of a former sugar plantation, Roger Seymour, is discovered with a machete in his back, Poole and his team have a seemingly impossible case to solve.

Despite countless suspects, the team struggle to pinpoint the murderer, as they all have seemingly cast-iron alibis – and many were together when the murder took place. Was it a disgruntled worker with a grudge? Was Roger's alcoholic ex-wife, Nicole, in an alliance with his adopted nephew, Harry? Or does Roger's new - and much younger - girlfriend have something to hide?

The team soon realise that the history of the plantation is just as key to completing the puzzle, but with the island celebrating Erzulie, the festival of love, Saint-Marie seems to be bringing out the unexpected in everyone – not least Richard and Camille . . .

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