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Monday, 14 March 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
LEGO TARDIS at the Sydney Royal Easter Show (Credit: BBC Worldwide)A full-size LEGO® replica of the TARDIS will feature at this year's Sydney Royal Easter Show, which takes place in the Australian city every year.

The item will be installed outside of Showbag Hall on Riverina Avenue to promote the first ever Doctor Who showbag at the event. The exclusive showbag, licensed by Bensons Trading, will contain a variety of merchandise, including a TARDIS design back pack, tin case, beanie hat, notebook and lanyard, and a Doctor Who tote bag. The showbag will be available to purchase for $26 (normal retail value $64.70).

Doctor Who Showbag (Credit: Bensons Trading)Brigid Roberts, Business Manager, Licensing and Sponsorship, BBC Worldwide ANZ, said:
We’re delighted to able to offer Whovians in Australia another chance to see the LEGO® TARDIS, and get their hands on a showbag full of treats for aspiring Time Lords.
Rebel Ruby, Product Development, Bensons Trading Co, said:
Bensons are very excited to release the brand new Doctor Who showbag at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show. We have worked closely with BBC Worldwide ANZ to come up with a fantastic pack that will have Doctor Who fans flocking to the show.

The LEGO replica, previously seen at last year's Doctor Who Festival, will be in place throughout the whole of the Royal Easter Show, which takes place between the 17th and 30th March at Sydney Olympic Park. Fans are encouraged to share their photos with the TARDIS on social media using the #legotardis hashtag.
(with thanks to BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand)

Unofficial Doctor Who Book GuideBookmark and Share

Sunday, 13 March 2016 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Book Guide
Volume 2 of The unofficial Doctor Who Book Guide is currently being prepared and is looking for contributors.

The publishers are asking for short items, around 200 words each, on any fictional Doctor Who book that isn't part of the Target range.

Any profits from the project will go towards cancer research.

For details contact the team via their Facebook page.

Peter Capaldi - Draw My LifeBookmark and Share

Saturday, 12 March 2016 - Reported by Marcus
Peter Capaldi has been talking to The Fan Show who asked him to draw his Doctor Who life. Like all good artists he decided to interpret the brief and drew some old Doctors.

Lethbridge-Stewart: The Havoc Files / In His KissBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 9 March 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Lethbridge-Stewart: The Havoc Files (Credit: Candy-Jar Books)As part of their ongoing series of Lethbridge-Stewart novels, Candy Jar Books also published a number of short stories to accompany them as downloads; these have now been collected together and will be published as an anthology, The HAVOC Files.

The book includes the stories: Ambush (Andy Frankham-Allen), Legacies (Norma Ashley), One Cold Step (Andy Frankham-Allen), The Cult of the Grinning Man (Tom Dexter), The Dogs of War (Andy Frankham-Allen), and The Fright Before Christmas (Tom Dexter). As an added bonus the collection also includes a previously unreleased story, The Enfolded Time, by Andy Frankham-Allen; the author said:
I did play with calling this one The Many Brigadiers, as we are in the unique position of being able to deal with the dating issues that plagued Lethbridge-Stewart during his time in Doctor Who. And, to break with tradition, this story is set outside the normal Lethbridge-Stewart narrative, taking place in 1990. It will, hopefully, prove to be a very different kind of story.

Lethbridge-Stewart: In His Kiss (Credit: Candy Jar Books)In keeping with the tradition of accompanying e-books, this title will be no exception, with purchasers of the book also to receive a digital copy of In His Kiss, written by best-selling author Sue Hampton. Set during Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart’s early days as a teenager in 1945, it is described as "a haunting tale of lost love". The author added:
It was exciting to get to know a young Alastair, haunted by his brother's death and painfully in love for the first time. I really savoured the challenge of exploring beyond my comfort zone – and for the Brig-to-be, things are certainly anything but comfortable!

The HAVOC Files will only be available as a strictly limited edition print run of 300 copies, available directly from the Candy Jar Bookstore.

The new series of Lethbridge-Stewart begins in April with the release of Moon Blink by Sadie Miller.

Series Nine exhibits arrive at the Doctor Who ExperienceBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 9 March 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff has now been updated to feature props and costumes from the latest series of Doctor Who, shown last year, including the Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song. Costumes include those worn by the Doctor, Clara, River Song and Ashildr, alongside monsters such as the Mire, Sandmen, the Veil, and Colony Sarff. Displays also include sets such as the Davros Hospital Room and Trap Street.

Davros's Hospital Room, at the Doctor Who Experience (Credit: BBC Worldwide) Davros's Hospital Room, at the Doctor Who Experience (Credit: BBC Worldwide)
Trap Street, at the Doctor Who Experience 2016 (Credit: BBC Worldwide) The Osgood Box, at the Doctor Who Experience 2016 (Credit: BBC Worldwide)

(with thanks to BBC Worldwide)

Genesis of the Daleks back on vinylBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 9 March 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Demon Records to re-release a special version of the 1970s vinyl soundtrack of Genesis of the Daleks - featuring linking narration by Tom Baker - as part of the this year's Record Store Day, taking place on 16th April 2016.

Genesis of the Daleks (vinyl record) (Credit: Demon Records/BBC)Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks

A special reissue of an audio Doctor Who adventure, which was originally released in 1978 on BBC Records. This collector’s edition is released on 180g heavy weight ‘TARDIS blue’ coloured vinyl and is a must-have for all Whovians. The recording was one of the first Doctor Who audio adventures, a condensed soundtrack version of a TV episode with Tom Baker providing bridging narration. The story unfolds as Doctor Who travels to the desolate planet Skaro to avert the creation of the Daleks.

This highly collectable reissue of one the most dramatic episodes in the show’s history has been recreated with the original BBC Records artwork and accompanying sleeve notes.

Peter Capaldi discusses futureBookmark and Share

Wednesday, 9 March 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Peter Capaldi on Steve Wright in the Afternoon (Credit: BBC)Peter Capaldi appeared on a number of programmes yesterday to promote the release of Doctor Who: The Complete Ninth Series on DVD, Blu-ray, and through the BBC Store, during which he also discussed his present and potential future involvement with the show.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland's The Janice Forsyth Show, he discussed his thoughts on continuing to play the Doctor when the show's next lead writer Chris Chibnall takes over with presenter Edi Stark:
I haven't made my mind up. I've been asked to stay on, which is lovely, and I think Chris Chibnall's fantastic and a wonderful choice. To be perfectly honest, it's so far away in the future, and I don't - you know, Doctor Who is a very difficult thing to say goodbye to, and I don't want to make that decision right now. I don't know yet - they've asked me to stay on, so when I am forced to make that decision I will make it.
Speaking on BBC Radio Two's Steve Wright in the Afternoon, he said:
I love being Doctor Who, so I will be around as it's right to be around.

Meanwhile, the next series, which definitely continues his adventures with the Doctor, will begin filming soon; when asked on ITV's Lorraine show, he responded:
It's going to start very soon. For some reason I'm not allowed to tell you, because Doctor Who is veiled in secrecy always!

The new series will also feature the new companion, with Peter telling Steve Wright:
It's sad when Jenna was on the show before I arrived so she was my welcome to the show and she introduced me to it, and told me where to go and where to get my corned beef and where to sit and all that stuff, and she was absolutely lovely so I'll miss her very much. We're going to have a new companion, because we're just obviously about to start filming the new season - it's going to be someone very different who will be announced shortly. I really can't say who that is, but the whole dynamic is going to be very different - but that's good too, you know, it's a different character.

Radio Times has reported that, in addition to his usual duties in Doctor Who, Capaldi may also make a guest appearance in spin-off series Class, which is due to commence filming in April.

BBC Shop to closeBookmark and Share

Tuesday, 8 March 2016 - Reported by Marcus
BBC Worldwide is to close the online BBC Shop, which sells Books, DVDs, BluRays and games related to BBC output.

Instead the company will concentrate on BBC Store, which launched last year and offers digital copies of BBC programs.

BBC Worldwide explained its thinking
The DVD market has been in decline for a number of years as consumers move to digital viewing. The market no longer supports the commercial release of many of the titles we’re able to make available on BBC Store. BBC Worldwide returns profits to the BBC’s Public Service to reinvest in programming.
The shop closes on 30th March. A number of bargains, including items of Doctor Who mechendise, can be obtained while stocks last.

The Twelfth Doctor Comic - Year 2 #3Bookmark and Share

Monday, 7 March 2016 - Reported by Marcus
This week sees Titan release a new comic from The Twelfth Doctor.


WRITER: Robbie Morrison
ARTIST: Rachael Stott
COVER BY: Alex Ronald

Chaos descends on the private Scottish school of Ravenscaur, as secrets sunk at the bottom of the bay are dragged into the light! As the Doctor investigates reports of a Tunguska-style event that shook the heavens decades previous, Clara unravels an establishment conspiracy that cuts to the country’s heart!


Saturday Night MonstersBookmark and Share

Monday, 7 March 2016 - Reported by Marcus
A new unofficial Doctor Who book, Saturday Night Monsters is a compilation of fan written articles and reviews, originally published in two popular fanzines

The items were originally published in the fanzines Faze and This Way Up. They cover the whole span of the series from the early days right up to recent episodes.

The book includes comment, analysis, opinion and humour about different aspects of the programme. Features include: The triumphant 2005 Return, The 1985-6 Cancellation Crisis,Hartnell’s Historical Stories, The Philip Hinchliffe Era, The stories of Robert Holmes & Robert Sloman, Season 21,The road from Survival to the TV Movie and more…

 Reviews of stories from every era of the series include: Talons of Weng Chiang, The Dalek Masterplan, Spearhead from Space, The Macra Terror, The End of Time, The War Machines, Dalek, Remembrance of the Daleks, Blink, The Name of the Doctor, Logopolis, Tomb of the Cybermen, School Reunion, Pyramids of Mars, Human Nature / Family of Blood and many many more

The 260 page book is available from Amazon for £7.90 in print edition or £2.16 Kindle ebook.

Bernice Summerfield UnboundBookmark and Share

Thursday, 3 March 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Lisa Bowerman, David Warner and Mark Gatiss (Credit: Big Finish)Big Finish have announced a new series for the character that first launched their audio range, Professor Bernice Summerfield, this time teamed up with a rather different third incarnation of the Doctor, first introduced in the Unbound stories Sympathy for the Devil and Masters of War, as played by David Warner.

Doctor Who – The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 3: The Unbound Universe will see the universe's greatest archaeologist recruited by the Doctor for a mission to his parallel dimension – where together they set off to explore the aftermath of a disaster that has laid waste to reality. Benny and the Doctor will face the Kareem, the Blanks, Unicorns and the Sisters of Saint Beedlix – as a terrible truth awaits them at the end of reality.

Producer James Goss said:
We were trying to work out where we could take Benny next, and the idea just sort of happened. We immediately got very excited about it. David Warner is a legend, and his Doctor is the perfect foil to Lisa Bowerman. Whereas Benny is a famously gung-ho adventuress, he's a cautious man with a twinkle in his eye. She falls into his universe and gives him a new lease of life.

We were very lucky with the guest cast – we've a wealth of national treasures. Not only do we have David Warner, we've got Radio 4 newsreader Zeb Soanes; we've Dr Gillian Magwidle herself – Julie Graham.
Another returnee for this series is the Master, as played by Sam Kisgart aka Mark Gatiss; Goss explained:
Kisgart's Master originally featured in David Warner's first adventure, Sympathy For The Devil, and we couldn't leave him out of this boxset. We contacted Mark, who said that Sam would be available. Well, once panto season was over.

The series has been directed by long term Benny-associate Scott Handcock, who said:
Lisa and David have a brilliant chemistry – it's a very different Doctor/Companion relationship. Benny really is the adventurer, dragging the Doctor along behind her. When we first meet him, he's given up all hope – but Benny is determined to, quite literally, save the universe. The guest cast are marvellous – it's a hoot. Kisgart has never been more sinister.

The other three episodes in the set have been written by Guy Adams, Una McCormack and Emma Reeves. Guest stars in the box-set include Rowena Cooper, Zeb Soanes, Tom Webster, Alex Jordan, Sophie Wu, Julie Graham, Kerry Gooderson, Deirdre Mullins, George Blagden, Richard Earl, Aaron Neil, Laura Doddington, Lizzie Hopley, Shvorne Marks and Gus Brown.

Doctor Who – The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 3: The Unbound Universe is due to be released in August 2016, and can be pre-ordered from the Big Finish website. CD orders direct from the company will also include a digital copy for download.

Doctor Who Magazine 497Bookmark and Share

Thursday, 3 March 2016 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Doctor Who Magazine issue 497 (Credit: Doctor Who Magazine)The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine is out today, and celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the TV Movie, featuring new interviews with Daphne Ashbrook, Eric Roberts, Yee Jee Tso, Gordon Tipple and the Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann!

The 56-year-old actor can’t quite believe how quickly 20 years have flown by:
It seems like yesterday. If you’d have said ‘ten years’, I’d have said, ‘Yeah, that’s about right.’ But it’s actually 20! I remember every bit of it. It’s an anniversary, isn’t it? We love anniversaries in magazines, and we love anniversaries on the telly.
The actor also acknowledges how, in hindsight, the pilot for a series which never materialised did play its part in Doctor Who’s legacy:
Those of us who were involved in it, when on the occasions that we do get to meet and talk about it in front of an audience, even four or five years ago... Phil Segal was there, and Yee Jee was there, and Daphne was there, Eric Roberts was there… we all met and there was a proper reunion and we talked about it, and I think the feeling then between us, and the audience agreed, was that yes, flawed it might have been, and a long shot it certainly was, and in the end it failed its chief function which was to go to a series, but... all things considered it was a good idea and it played its part in restoring the momentum enough. It kept Doctor Who going. Ten years later, it came back. And Russell T Davies [showrunner 2005-10] gave the nod, in subtle ways, to it.

Other featues inside this special TV Movie-themed issue include:
  • The TV Movie's lasting legacy: DWM explores how the 1996 venture influenced the revival of the series which would follow in 2005.
  • Daphne Ashbrook interview: Grace Holloway actress Daphne Ashbrook reminisces about kissing the Doctor, and how the TV Movie made her fall in love with Doctor Who.
  • Yee Jee Tso interview: Yee Jee Tso who played Chang Lee looks back on the time when he collaborated with the Master.
  • Jo Wright interview: Executive producer Jo Wright reveals how getting the TV Movie off the ground proved to be an almost impossible challenge.
  • Eric Roberts interview: Hollywood star Eric Roberts talks about giving the Master a whole new lease of life in 1996.
  • Gordon Tipple interview: Gordon Tipple delves into his ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ appearance as the ‘old’ Master in the TV Movie.
  • Ask Steven Moffat: Doctor Who’s showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers' questions.
  • We're going on a Witch Hunt: part one of our brand-new comic strip adventure, Witch Hunt, written by Jacqueline Rayner and illustrated by Martin Geraghty.
  • The Test of a modern audience: Jacqueline Rayner revisits the TV Movie with her twin boys and gives their verdicts in her column, Relative Dimensions.
  • Time Team: What will the Time Team make of Winston Churchill’s new allies in Victory of the Daleks?
  • The Power of Kroll: The Doctor and Romana face a huge problem when they land on the third moon of Delta Magna, in this issue’s Fact of Fiction.
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: DWM puts one of new showrunner Chris Chibnall’s previous episodes under the spotlight.
  • Coming Soon: DWM previews all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases.
Plus all the latest official news, reviews, competitions and The DWM Crossword.

Doctor Who Adventures #12Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, 2 March 2016 - Reported by Marcus
Doctor Who Adventures #12Doctor Who Adventures #12This week sees the release of Issue 12 of the new Doctor Who Adventures Magazine

In this issue
  • The Doctor teams up with Prince George as he tracks down the legendary ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, in a tale filled with robots, pirates and high seas adventure. Brought to you by Kieron Moore, Russ Leach and John Burns.
  • How much do you know about everyone’s favourite shape-shifting aliens, the Zygons?
  • River Song shows you how to make a classy TARDIS tissue box! It’s so cool you will almost want to catch a cold just so you can keep stocked up with tissues.
  • This month you get to access UNIT’s archive on the TARDIS itself!
  • Travel backwards and forwards through time and space in this cool board game, where you get to play the Doctor or his enemies!
  • The Paternoster Gang investigate a series of thefts in science labs across Victorian England.
Doctor Who Adventures #12 comes with a set of free monsters and is on sale 3rd March 2016, price £3.99.

New Ninth and Eleventh Doctor ComicsBookmark and Share

Tuesday, 1 March 2016 - Reported by Marcus
This week sees Titan release comics from The Ninth Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor.

Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor: Weapons Of Past Destruction collects the entirety of the smash-hit mini-series written by Cavan Scott with art by Blair Shedd and Rachael Stott. Also released Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Year Two #6.


Writer: Cavan Scott
Artists: Blair Shedd, Rachael Stott

The Ninth Doctor is BACK with a brand-new miniseries: WEAPONS OF PAST DESTRUCTION!

Leaving World War II behind, The Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack discover that Time Lord technology, lost in the wake of the Time War, is being sold on the intergalactic black market!

Now the threat of a NEW temporal war brews on the horizon, with the Doctor and his friends caught between the twin threats of the Unon and the Lect – two species with intertwined histories who are jostling to replace the Time Lords on the universal stage.

Can the Doctor stop history repeating itself?


Writers: Si Spurrier & Rob Williams
Artist: Warren Pleece
Covers: Alex Ronald, Photo, Question No 6

Time to take the fight back to those who have accused the Doctor of horrible war crimes! The TARDIS team needs to break into a remote prison to get the tech that will allow them to pull off an incredible heist... Sounds like they'll need some expert help!

Both comics are on sale Wednesday 2nd March 2016.