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Thursday, 17 July 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
A new play about the life and career of Delia Derbyshire is being developed. Derbyshire, who produced the original recording of the Doctor Who theme as well as countless scores for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, passed away last year and the co-production between The Tron venue, Glasgow and the Reeling and Writhing theatre company, "will use Derbyshire's creative career as a way of portraying the space age era of the early 60s." Says BBCi: "Every care has been made to make the production as historically accurate as possible, with Delia Derbyshire's life being directly researched through interviews with her friends and colleagues. The Doctor Who theme will feature heavily, as will Delia's other work. It's also hoped that new music, inspired by the music, and using the technology of the time, will be performed live. The design of the show will draw on the futurism of the 60s as well as 'swinging' London. The production will also be supported by a website, which will feature free music downloads. 'Delia Derbyshire' (working title) is planned to premiere in September 2004." More details when they become available. (Thanks to BBCi)

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Thursday, 17 July 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Besides their forthcoming "Daemos Rising" series, Reeltime Pictures has shared with Outpost Gallifrey their schedule of forthcoming releases for the second half of 2003. Late July sees the debut of the "Myth Makers" interview series edition with Gareth Thomas ("Blake's 7") on VHS and DVD as well as the re-release of the "Myth Makers: Sophie Aldred & Andrew Cartmel" interviews on DVD. In August, "Blake's 7" stars and DW guests Peter Tuddenham (various voices), Jacqueline Pearce ("Timelash" and Big Finish's "Fearmonger) and Stephen Greif (BF's "Primeval") are featured; Tuddenham's is new, Pearce and Greif are featured together on DVD. September will see the VHS debut for Blake's 7's Jan Chappell as well as the re-release on DVD of Deborah Watling & Victor Pemberton's "Myth Makers" releases, while October sees not only the debut of "Daemos Rising" but the DVD release of David Howe's "Mindgame" starring Sophie Aldred. For the anniversary of Doctor Who, Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks are featured in November in a "Myth Makers" release on VHS and DVD, while the month also sees the re-release on DVD of interviews with Ian Marter and Michael Wisher. Finally, December sees the re-release of interviews with Patrick Troughton and BBC Head of Drama Shaun Sutton, as well as a new VHS/DVD release "The Doctor Down Under: History of Aussie Fandom". More details as we get them. (Thanks to Keith Barnfather)

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Sunday, 13 July 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The newest issue of SFX Magazine has more details about the forthcoming animated adventure "The Scream of the Shalka" starring Richard E. Grant as the new Ninth Doctor. The story of "Shalka" concerns about a town in Lancashire under siege by mysterious forces. As noted prior, there are no continuity references, except for the Doctor and his TARDIS, though it's been quite a while since the last time we saw the Eighth Doctor... some big things have happened in the meanwhile, which we'll find out about as we travel with this incarnation. The ninth Doctor is said to be impatient, a bit angry with humans, but caring and passionate, bitingly witty, vulnerable, brittle and a bit of a snob. While SFX mentions the new companion Alison Cheneym (Sophie Okonedo), Outpost Gallifrey has been told she's the the Doctor's companion in much the same way that Grace was around for the TV movie (or Spandrell was the companion for "The Deadly Assassin"... only "she's prettier than Spandrell, and less keen on the kissing than Grace.") The Doctor's new military liaison Thomas Kennett is played by Irish actor Jim Norton, among whose many roles are appearances in "Father Ted," "Red Dwarf," "Babylon 5" and as Albert Einstein in "Star Trek: The Next Generation". As noted prior, Derek Jacobi is in it, in the following role (protected by spoilers; use your mouse cursor to highlight the following text): Jacobi plays the Master, though OG has been led to believe that it's only a cameo appearance and not a Doctor v. Master face-off like in the TV movie. The animated serial was recorded in mid-June at the BBC facilities at Shepherd's Bush and is directed by stage director Wilson Milam. The Cosgrove Hall company -- responsible for animating "Dangermouse" and "Count Duckula" -- are the animators, and are said to be using the actors' likenesses in a "rich, gothic style". (Thanks to Neil Billinness, Mark Donovan, John Meier)

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Thursday, 10 July 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Actor James Saxon, who played played Oscar Botcherby in the forthcoming DVD release The Two Doctors, died last week of a heart attack while spending the day with his family in Somerset. He has been appearing at Chichester Festival Theatre this summer in the production of "The Gondoliers" as grand inquisitor Don Alhambra del Bolero and was due to appear in other productions in the main house and studio theatre during the season. The performance of "The Gondoliers" on Friday July 4th was dedicated to James as a celebration of his life. James recently appeared on stage alongside Brenda Blethyn in Mrs Warren's Profession in the West End. he worked extensively in TV with credits including Jonathan Creek, Poldark, Murder Most Horrid, Sharpe, Lovejoy, and Soldier Soldier. He also provided the voice of Captain Pugwash in the most recent ITV incarnation. He was 48. (Thanks to David Guest)

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Thursday, 10 July 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The official website of Richard E. Grant, the actor confirmed yesterday as playing the Ninth Doctor, actually noted several weeks ago on its pages that Grant was playing the Doctor, and apparently news didn't reach us! The official site informs us that the title of the forthcoming animated webcast is The Scream of the Shalka by Paul Cornell, and states that the story is five episodes (other sources say six). The article also mentions, curiously, that Derek Jacobi is in it (in addition to his appearance in Big Finish's Unbound series, previously reported) as well as actress Sophie Okonedo (whose repetoire includes various film roles -- the Grant site mistakenly identifies her as Sophie Okinodod),Craig Kelly (Vince in the UK version of "Queer as Folk") and Diana Quick ("Brideshead Revisited"). The website also states that this animated project will eventually be released on DVD. None of this information has been confirmed yet by BBCi but has seen pretty wide discussion elsewhere. Meanwhile, Cornell has made further comments on Outpost Gallifrey's forum with some additional information on the webcast. "I'm going to hang onto doing Ninth Doctor stuff as long as they'll let me, and as long as there's stuff to be done," he says. "There's no regeneration sequence. We start a long time after that. Yes, there's a new companion. People have somehow seen this as doing down McGann, but I don't feel that it is at all. I love the Eighth Doctor. This is just a new start. This will be accessible to new viewers, but will hopefully please the old ones at the same time. There's nothing to get in the way for new viewers." He adds that the animation "is more like [BBCi's] Ghosts of Albion" and the script "is written to be watched rather than heard. One of the joys of this is being able to write lines like: 'hundreds of monsters surround the Tardis'. It also makes storytelling faster. ... And yes, it was written especially for Richard." (Thanks to the official Richard E. Grant website and Paul Cornell)

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Wednesday, 9 July 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Big Finish has issued details on two of its forthcoming Bernice Summerfield audios, both due in August, featuring the further exploits of the former Doctor Who novel companion: The Draconian Rage by Trevor Baxendale, featuring the return of the Draconians (the Third Doctor story "Frontier in Space") and The Poison Seas by David Bailey featuring the Sea Devils (from "The Sea Devils"). Details are as follows (with thanks to Big Finish):

The Draconian Rage, by Trevor Baxendale
On the fringes of the Draconian Empire, an entire planet has gone mad: twenty million Draconians lie dead victims of an ancient, apocalyptic suicide ritual. Now the Draconians need an archaeologist and in particular they want Professor Bernice Summerfield.

Female and human, Benny is everything a Draconian distrusts. So why has she been invited to the very heart of the Imperial Homeworld? As an age-old conspiracy deepens around her, and her own bad memories are disturbed, Benny wonders if she can really trust the Draconians. And, even worse, if she can even trust herself.

Starring Lisa Bowerman (Bernice) with Miles Richardson (Irving Braxiatel), Philip Bretherton (Emperor Shenn), Kraig Thornber (Lord Paranash) and Johnson Willis (Lord Vasar). Directed by Edward Salt.

The Poison Seas, by David Bailey
Professor Bernice Summerfield's life has never been what you could call simple. But, just as she really feels like things at the Braxiatel Collection might be settling down to some sort of normality, she is sent away from the comforts of home on a mission for the Earth Reptile Council.

Bernice has visited the planet Chosan before, so she seems the ideal candidate to intervene when a Sea Devil colony there comes under threat from a terrorist cell. Under cover of visiting an old friend, Bernice sets out to learn who is working in league with the terrorists to ensure the eradication of the colony. But as she delves deeper under the oceans of Chosan, she discovers that something else something much more ancient and powerful wants rid of the Sea Devils. Soon, every living thing on the planet is in peril. And all because there's no place like home...

Starring Lisa Bowerman (Bernice) with Miles Richardson (Irving Braxiatel), Ifan Huw Dafydd (Principal Lurnix), Nicky Goldie (Clinician Nedda), Jenny Livesay (Joanne Carver) and Matt Dineen (Ressix). Directed by Edward Salt.

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Wednesday, 9 July 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The next issue of Doctor Who Magazine, issue 333 features the first of a three-part feature by Daniel O'Mahony, "The Accidental Tourist," looking at the genesis of Doctor Who, and finds that it would have been a very different show were it not for a series of happy accidents; an interview with author Mark Gatiss; the Archive extra "Thirty Years in the TARDIS" by Andrew Pixley; the first of a new comic strip "The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack" by Scott Gray and Anthony Williams; and the usual news, reviews and previews. (Thanks to BBCi)

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Wednesday, 9 July 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Outpost Gallifrey has learned that, for the forthcoming release of The Reign of Terrorstarring William Hartnell, where two episodes (4 & 5) do not exist, rather than rerecord new linking material and narration, BBC Worldwide has opted to instead use the original footage shot for the aborted release in 1993 with Carole Ann Ford (Susan). The footage, which was produced by the late Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner, has been slightly re-edited to include a few new audio soundbites, stills and eight-millmeter clips to illustrate Ford's linking section, which extends the section by a couple minutes. More details as we get them. Meanwhile, (Amazon's Canadian counterpart) has listed "Reign of Terror" along with "The Gunfighters" and "The Sensorites" as October releases on DVD. These are NOT being released at this time on DVD -- they are, however, as we previously reported, part of the "End of the Universe Collection" of VHS releases later this year. (Thanks to Derek Stevens for the Canadian info)
Earthshock DVD
July 9, 2003 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
BBC Worldwide has issued a press release for the forthcoming DVD release ofEarthshock starring Peter Davison. At right is a thumbnail of the final version of the front cover; click on it for a larger version including the full wraparound cover. Meanwhile, the press information is as follows (with thanks to Paul Taylor at Tenth Planet)

Peter Davison's incarnation of the Doctor faces classic foes the Cybermen in this 40th Anniversary release. The Doctor and companions arrive in a cave full of fossils on 26th century Earth. Suspected of being behind the disappearance of scientists, they are attacked by androids. The title and plot were devised to create genuine surprise in the revelation that the Cybermen are behind the android attacks.

"àan excellent script, an excellent monster, crisp direction, and the daring step of wiping out a companion - all combined to produce an epic adventure." Doctor Who - The Television Companion.

Originally transmitted as four 25-minute episodes between 8th March 1982 and 16th March 1982. Special features include commentary track, photo gallery and production sub-titles. Catalog # BBC DVD1153

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Wednesday, 9 July 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Doctor Who is indeed returning for the show's 40th anniversary, in a special new six-part audio webcast on BBCi. Following in the footsteps of the earlier animated webcasts "Death Comes to Time," "Real Time" and "Shada," the fourth webcast (still untitled) is written by Paul Cornell ("The Shadows of Avalon") and will star none other than popular British actor Richard E. Grant(who also played one of the future Doctors in the charity special "The Curse of Fatal Death"). Grant describes his interpretation as "something of a 'Sherlock Holmes in Space.'"

Cornell, posting on the Outpost Gallifrey forum, had this to say about the project: "This is the start of everything again, not the end. Don't be scared. The Ninth Doctor is Richard E. Grant, fully animated... fully animated, not Shada animated... Batmanlike rather than Shadalike. With a new companion, a new military liaison, new monsters, and a vastly starry cast!" Cornell says that "if the response is good enough, then there'll be more. (And listen: you *never know* where this could end up.)" Cornell goes on to confirm that this is indeed the official, BBC made and sanctioned Ninth Doctor, approved by all the requisite parts of the BBC that needed input on this. "Traditional but original is what we're going for," says Cornell. "Very Hinchcliffe/Dicks, but with no previously used elements and only a tiny smidge of continuity. This story starts after the Ninth Doctor's been in the job for several years. And quite a lot has happened to him. So there's room for all continuities to resolve themselves. And BBC Books has made a positive response, and are talking about stuff."

Apparently the story will completely disregard "Curse of Fatal Death" (this Ninth Doctor isn't Grant's Doctor in that charity satire.) Cornell says he is "honoured to have the chance to set the Doctor off on another forty years of adventures," said Paul. "Just wait until you hear Richard! He is the Doctor!" The story is set to debut in mid-November, in time to celebrate the show's 40th anniversary. (Thanks to BBCi and Paul Cornell)