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Thursday, 9 January 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Big Finish has revealed further plans for its 2003 range of products based on Bernice Summerfield, the former Doctor Who books companion that was spun off several years ago. In addition to three previously confirmed stories this year, all audio -- February's "The Mirror Effect" by Stewart Sheargold, "The Bellotron Incident" by Mike Tucker in April, and June's "The Grel Escape" by Jacqueline Rayner -- Big Finish has announced that August will see the release of The Poison Seas by David Bailey. "Bernice will receive a curiously worded summons to head back to The Braxiatel Collection. Is something wrong? Has something happened to her baby, Peter? Has Brax discovered some new amazing artefact? Have Adrian Wall and Jason Kane come to blows over the nappy-changing rota? Or have Ms Jones, the fearsome administrator and Mister Crofton the equally fearsome gardener arranged nuptials? Or is it something far more sinister, far further reaching than that? Has something that Benny thought was over and done with come back to haunt her? Or, as seems likely, has war finally come to her doorstep?" That's followed in September by the second Bernice hardcover short story anthology, Life During Wartime edited by Benny creator Paul Cornell, "which apart from changing the direction of Big Finish's audio and book range, will also act as an excellent jumping-on point for newcomers or old-hands who have fallen away." Cornell will also pen the December 2003 audio release The Axis of Evil, for which some of the plot threads from "Life During Wartime" will be examined. (Thanks to Big Finish)

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Thursday, 9 January 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Update 9 Jan 2200 GMT: The Tenth Planet store has sent us the final cover illustration for The Space Pirates, the February 2003 release from the BBC Radio Collection. "The Space Pirates" was the penultimate Patrick Troughton serial and is the last almost-entirely-missing story in the BBC's archives (only episode 2 exists out of 6.) The story is narrated by Frazer Hines (Jamie). Click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the cover by Max Ellis. Meanwhile, the Galaxy 4 store site sent us what appeared to be a 2003 release schedule for the rest of the year including "The Underwater Menace," "The Wheel in Space" and "Marco Polo"; however, we've since been informed that this an older release schedule and has been superseded, and is likely not the final version anymore. (Thanks to Tenth Planet and Galaxy 4)

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Monday, 6 January 2003 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Doctor Who fan & collector Ian Levine is currently making available several unique Doctor Who props and items, including: a Cyber Controller head (one of two made for the serial - fixed mouth); a Cyberman from "Tomb of the Cybermen" (Head only); a Cyberman from "Earthshock" (Head only); a TARDIS from "Curse of Peladon" (fell down mountainside); an original Sea-Devil head; two pieces of the Key to Time; the book from "Shada" (The Worshipful And Ancient Law Of Gallifrey); an original Ice Warrior claw (from "The Ice Warriors"); a Servo Robot (from "The Wheel in Space"); one of the fake Mona Lisa’s from "City of Death"; a black & white photographic background used for "Warriors' Gate" episode 4; a shrunken Xeraphin from "Time-Flight"; a wall panel from "Full Circle"; and Bellal's head from "Death to the Daleks" (latex has decayed). Interested parties can send enquiries to Paul Vanezis of the Doctor Who restoration team (Thanks to Paul for letting us know!)