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Tuesday, 29 May 2007 - Reported by Anthony Weight

The latest issue of the BBC's Radio Times listings magazine is released across the UK today, and in addition to all of its regular Doctor Who coverage it contains special praise for this Saturday's forthcoming episode, "The Family of Blood", selected as the magazine's 'Drama of the Week'.

"Those who dismiss Who as lightweight fluff should give tonight's story a try," writes reviewer Mark Braxton on the magazine's 'Today's Choices' page for Saturday. "The conclusion to a 1913-set two-parter, it's rich, complex, resonant and BAFTA-worthy on its own merits... it also contains the best description of the Doctor we've ever heard on the show. Take a bow, Mr Cornell."

In addition, a moment from the episode is selected as the magazine's 'Moment of the Week', described, again by Braxton, as "an awful shadow of things to come... It's a tiny moment, but one that's eloquence itself."

The magazine's regular preview feature this week focuses on an interview with guest star Jessica Hynes, who explains how she deals with questions from her son and his friends about her relationship with Doctor Who. "I have to explain that I'm already married and it's only a pretend snog," she tells interviewer Danny Scott. Hynes also maintains that the offer to appear in Doctor Who is "the phone call you always dream of getting."