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Thursday, 31 May 2007 - Reported by Anthony Weight

MediaGuardian.co.uk, the media news-focused section of The Guardian newspaper's website, has today run a story(subscription link) by reporter Ben Dowell speculating about the possible future of Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies.

The piece, in reponse to a story published in this morning's edition of the tabloid newspaper The Sun, contains a quote from an unnamed "BBC drama spokeswoman", stating that: "Discussions have not begun so we cannot say if Russell will be involved or not" with Doctor Who beyond the end of the fourth series in 2008.

However, the report specifically denies The Sun's story that Davies and other staff on the show have a plan to end the programme at the conclusion of the fourth series. MediaGuardian quotes another source, a similarly unnamed "senior BBC Wales drama source", as telling them that:

"Russell has always said that he wouldn't be with the show forever and he has made no secret that the hours are quite exhausting... But there isn't any way it would be axed even if he left. He loves the show and he does feel that maybe it would benefit from some new blood."

The MediaGuardian states that "if Mr Davies does leave Doctor Who, the BBC will want to keep such a popular show going by bringing in a new executive producer to take over his creative responsibilities."