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Monday, 29 January 2007 - Reported by Kenny Davidson

New companion Freema Agyeman is interviewed in the current issue of the children's publicationThe Newspaper, which is distributed through schools in the UK. It is a short interview, and has mild spoilers concerning Martha's character and how she differs from Rose.
What's Martha like?

She's older than Rose, more secure, but she doesn't have a boyfriend. She has her own little flat and her family around her. Rose had only her mum, but Martha has a big family. She isn't looking to the Doctor for guidance or education, she wants adventure! She hasn't kissed her old life goodbye though, and I think she intends to go back to qualify as a doctor. There are funny moments when the Doctor says, 'I'm the Doctor' and Martha says, 'So am I'! She speaks her mind.

The Doctor's companions have changed over the years.

The girls were called assistants, they sounded like a magician's helper but now they are stronger thanks to girl power! It's about companionship, friendship, teamwork, exploration and looking out for one another.

In the last series you played a character who was killed by Cybermen, Martha isn't related to that character, is she?

No, the writers have found a clever way around it. You'll see!