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Wednesday, 14 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The delay to the DVD release of The Web Planet, which we reported early this week, appears to have been caused by classification confusion on the cover, which shows a PG rating next to the defintion 'Suitable for all', which should apply only to 'U' rated shows. Although some copies do seem to have been released, the official release date has been pushed back another couple of weeks while, presumably, the covers are reprinted with the correct BBFC details.
According to the BBC Shop, the following are the actual release dates for forthcoming BBC items besides "Web Planet": "World Game" by Terrance Dicks (BBC Books) is due out Thursday, October 6; "The Legend continues" by Justin Richards and "The Shooting Scripts" on Thursday, October 13; BBC Audio's "Travels in Time and Space" on Monday, November 7; and the DVD "The Complete First Series" on Monday, November 21. Also, it now appears that BBC Books will release two Doctor Who novels on the same day: Simon Guerrier's "The Time Travellers" and Andrew Cartmel's "Atom Bomb Blues" are now both scheduled for release on Thursday November 10.
In addition, and in common with other online retailers, the BBC Shop now lists the initial toys from Character Options as being release on Monday 17 October, with the interactive board game due out on 29 September. Also,
Penguin Books' website is now listing three of the next batch of BBC Children's Books for release in October, and includes what may be a rough version of the cover for the quiz book here. (Thanks to Steve Tribe)