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Friday, 16 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The South Wales Evening Post today reported that the BBC Wales film crew will descend on the Gower coast in Swansea this weekend for new series filming. It is also said that the filming will be for episode 1 of the new series, although it is not confirmed if David Tennant or Billie Piper will be present, they also say that the actual location is a secret and do not want this info to get out to the general public.

Sylvester McCoy will be appearing at the Hollywood Cinema on 2nd October for an interview, which will then be followed by showings of Battlefield and Remembrance of the Daleks, all as part of the Yarmouth Film Festival; more details atEDP24.

Annette Badland, better known to Season One fans as Margaret Blaine, is currently appearing in Radio Four's "The Archers" as the ever-so-slightly machiavellian Hazel Woolley. A long-running but irregular character (played in past appearances by Hilary Armstrong, Jan Cox and Hilary Newcombe), Hazel seems set to feature for some time, as she vies against her increasingly senile father's wife for control over his businesses. Nno incidents yet of suspicious farting or oddly placed zips, though, so Ambridge may yet prove safe.

John Barrowman and Richard Wilson will be appearing in Cinderella over Christmas at the New Wimbledon Theatre from 9th December; they're currently doing auditions for it for children, details at IC South London (and theatre info at The Ambassadors).

Paul Abbott, recently revealed to have been the fifth potential writer for the first season of "Doctor Who" this past year, is quoted by The Guardian and The Times as saying that "too much television drama is under-ambitious, predictable and needlessly boring" but that producer Russell T Davies' series "Second Coming" was "a television masterpiece. It grappled with the most colossal subject matter in the return of a Messiah to earth. Not in a Robert Powell way. Modern earth. Manchester, actually. And mainly the scruffy end."

In a feature on the Brighton Pier Doctor Who exhibition in the latest DWM, it is said that there is uncertainty about the exhibition's future after its seasonal closure in November. Vicki Whitmore of Brighton Pier says that there will be other exhibitions in the dome but if there were another Who exhibition available, "we would obviously consider taking it back on". Lorne Martin, of Experience Design, says that they are "looking at other ventures in other areas, whereby the exhibitions can grow [...] The fact that the show is already signed up for Series Three [means that] we can go and talk to more venues about making an even more thrilling experience."

(Thanks to Steve Tribe, Chuck Foster, Paul Engelberg, Matt Kimpton, Paul Hayes and "facethemusic")