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Friday, 16 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Some additional news about the next series in this month's issue of Doctor Who Magazine. On Zoe Wanamaker's return as Cassandra, DWM notes that next year's appearance differs from The End of the World in that the actress has actually been on-set this time to voice her lines and "react spontaneously with David and Billie". Also in Episode 1, there will be "a new race of villains to contend with at the same time [as Cassandra]". An interview with the producers of Doctor Who Confidential reveals that the second series has extra filming days that allow "filming five backstage days an episode this year", which should enable more behind-the-scenes coverage than in the first series. Production on Confidential has also "started earlier this year [...] This time we've been [in Cardiff] since the start", including footage of David Tennant on Blue Peter for the monster competition, which may be reflected in a Confidential episode examining "the close relationship Doctor Who and Blue Peter have shared over the years".
Additionally, regarding the three new books announced for next year (see yesterday's story), range consultant/editor Justin Richards explains that the selection of authors was determined by "the [same] reasons as last time around û we're people with a track record of writing to spec and to schedule for the right market, and who have been signed off for all the confidential material." He also states that "we're still waiting for all sorts of decisions from all sorts of people" on the future of the past Doctors range of novels. "The Past Doctor books have a future, I'm sure, but exactly what we'll be doing, and when, I don't know. We're taking the time to make sure we get it right." In a separate interview elsewhere in the magazine, Richards also mentions that "we'll give [the Ninth Doctor] as rest in 2006, and by 2007 we'll have a better idea of whether he fits into the past Doctor range, or whether we do a new range of books which are branded as 'new series', but which are about an old Doctor." (The comments about the Ninth Doctor 'fitting in' seem to be referring to considerations of marketing and general readership perceptions and reception, rather than artistic/fan considerations.)