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Sunday, 18 September 2005 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
Greetings from your editor... BBC Radio listeners (if you're so inclined) can tune into the following radio programs over the next two days to hear about the Back to the Vortex book, my unofficial and unauthorized guide to the first season of the new Doctor Who series, as I'll be doing interviews with local BBC Radio stations for the next two days on the book from the London studios. The schedule is as follows (all times are half-hours and the interviews will appear at some point during the period):
    Monday, 19 September
  • 10.30-11am: BBC Radio Bristol, with Richard Lewis
  • 11.30am-12pm: BBC Radio Oxford, with Danny Cox
  • 12pm-12.30pm: BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester

    Tuesday, 20 September
  • 9:30-10am: The Tony and Julie Show, BBC Radio Leicester
  • 10am-10:30am: BBC Radio Northampton, with Bernie Keith
  • 11am-11.30am: BBC Radio Kent, with Julie Maddocks
  • 2.10-2.30pm: BBC Radio Swindon/Wiltshire with Mark Seaman
  • 3.30-4pm: BBC Radio Midlands with Danny Kelly