When An Axis Isn't an Axis...Bookmark and Share

Wednesday, 25 February 2004 - Reported by Shaun Lyon
The Axis of Evil, the latest installment of Big Finish's Bernice Summerfield audio series (featuring the further adventures of the former Virgin Doctor Who: The New Adventures novel companion) by Paul Cornell, is out... but they've pulled a fast one. Indeed, "The Axis of Evil" isn't actually the story's title, as Big Finish have managed to keep hidden the real title - it gives away an important clue about the story. SPOILER WARNING... highlight the following text for details, and remember, you have been warned!!! The actual title of the serial is Death and the Daleks, not "The Axis of Evil," and features the true masters of the Fifth Axis, the dreaded Daleks. The back cover blurb reads as follows: "The Braxiatel Collection has been occupied by the Fifth Axis. Who seem to be led by a figure from Bernice's past. Behind him lies the evil time travelling power of the Daleks. As Bernice's friends rise up to end the occupation, Bernice embarks on a desperate rescue mission, to somewhere she last went long ago. Braxiatel confronts his destiny, Jason risks all for his love and lives are shattered and lost as the battle of the Braxiatel reaches it's epic conclusion. Our heroes will live free or die..." (Thanks to Matt Gayno